Recording/Production – An Introduction

My goal with the Recording section of the BMF Blog is to help inform and instruct artists in the science, art and business of recording music. From simple DIY projects in your drummer’s basement, to sessions in full-fledged professional recording studios, we’ll be covering it all – the hardware, the software, the production and recording process, etc! This is an exciting time in audio production world… never before has recording been so easy and so affordable for the average musician. However, the advances in technology and digital audio processing which have empowered the modern recordist (and lowered the barrier to entry to the world of audio production) have also created some potentially harmful side-effects (or “artifacts” if you will) for the self-funded, independent artist. There’s more on that later, but for now get excited about diving into the world of audio, and check back weekly for new tips/postings from the BMF team.

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